Even though I’ve only done 5 strips now, you’ll notice changes in how the characters are drawn from one strip to the next. The reason for this is that when I sat down to do the first strip, I went straight to the strip without any planning out of how the characters would really look. I’m too impatient for that 🙂 Because of that, each time a draw a new strip I try something different. I think I’m most happiest with my latest strip, Surviving Family Christmas, because I tried some new things.

First off, I am apparently an idiot, because even after using a wacom tablet and Adobe Illustrator for many years, I only just today figured out that you can use pressure in illustrator (up until now I thought it was only possible in photoshop). I decided to try that out with this strip and I was very pleased by the “pen-like” lines that flowed out. I feel like they give a better dimension to the drawings, and I think I will continue to draw the strip like this.

Don’t be surprised by more changes in the characters as time goes on. It’s going to take a while to “perfect” them.