Last night my computer died. It refused to start up. This happened last Saturday but it started working again after a half hour. I thought it was the fan. But this time, it’s not going back on, not even after a night of sitting. After much research all signs are pointing to the motherboard. My hubby is taking it into the shop today. But things aren’t going to happen because it’s the last day before Easter vacay and Sweden shuts down until Tuesday. So they probably won’t get to start working on it until Tuesday the earliest. And that’s assuming they don’t have to order the motherboard.

I’m most freaked out about my info. While I have backed up stuff another backup was necessary and I hadn’t done it. I’m FREAKED OUT. It shouldn’t be a problem, but I can’t help but worry. I’m sick to my stomach. And how am I supposed to survive a 4 day weekend without my computer? This is the great chance I have to draw things and work on my sites.

So, no comic. I don’t have my programs or anything. So I can’t make my comic. No comic today. And probably no comic on Monday either, unless they magically fix everything today. This sucks so much. I was looking forward to having a few days to work on everything. I’m SO UPSET.

Now excuse me while I go sit in the corner and rock back and forth. And probably cry – a lot…