Now I know the majority of you have no idea what Eurovision is since the majority of you are not in Europe. Here’s an informative Wiki link for you – The Eurovision Song Contest. To put it all shortly: Each (almost every) country in Europe sends a singer or group with a song to the contest. We all watch and vote for our favorite song (we can’t vote for our own country), and then the winning song’s country hosts the next year’s event. This has been going on for just over 50 years. It’s mostly horrific music, but some is OK, and it’s a LOT of fun (especially to make fun of the entries), and exciting to watch.

Tonight is the second semi-final to figure out which countries will be in the final on Saturday. Tonight Sweden competes, and we have a great schlager song that has a big chance of winning. I can’t begin to tell you how I’ve been looking forward to this! To get an idea, you can read my post from a couple of months back for when Sweden was choosing their entry. Anyway, on Saturday I’m going to write a big Eurovision post on my blog, so you can check for that then if you’re curious.

Anyway, the WHOLE POINT of this is that tonight I’m dedicating to Eurovision, tomorrow I have a concert, and Saturday is the Eurovision final, so no comic for the end of this week. I’ll be back on Monday once the Eurovision madness is over. Promise!

Thanks for your patience and understanding 🙂