…and run of to the land of Legend of Bill! She’s disguised herself and tried to steal a dragon, apparently. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past her to do such a thing. I do hope she returns that dragon and returns in one piece. She can’t be all roughed up for Monday’s strip! But, I shouldn’t count on her being that sensible…

Ok so the real story is that I did this fan art for David a little while ago and I’ve been dying to see it up and show you all! He’s been killing me with this 1-fan-art-a-week thing. But finally today is my day! It features Imy Legend-of-Bill-style, Frank the Dragon and Princess Gina. Princess Gina hasn’t had her debut in LoB just yet, but David’s been hinting that she’ll show up soon! All I know is that when I saw her I couldn’t wait to have my go at drawing her! Something just drew me to her… must have been the pink hair 😉

Legend of Bill is one of my favorite webcomics and has been since David started it up a little while back. It features Bill, the “hero” and wannabe-barbarian, Frank, a lovable and snarky dragon, and Princess Gina, who we have yet to meet. Every strip is LOL funny and David’s has a really awesome, fun style (and GREAT coloring when it comes to the colored strips). David has also been super supportive of me and Imy and I can’t thank him enough for that.

So go and check it out my fan art! And then start reading Legend of Bill from the start! You’ll be hooked instantly, I’m telling ya.