The above is a FANTASTIC fan art created by the talented and witty Tom Dell’Aringa, creator of the Marooned webcomic. I LOVE Marooned and have been reading it for a while now. Marooned is about Captain John, an astronaut, and ASIMOV, his ex-garbage-can/robot, who end up stranded on Mars. They find out that Martians do actually exist when they meet Ugo, the Little Green Man. 🙂 What happens from there is what this comic is all about, and the story is just beginning! I suggest you head on over to Marooned, start reading from the beginning, and then admit to yourself that you’re hooked and think Tom is simply brilliant.

Now, BACK to the fan art! Tom has, very cleverly, hooked up Imy and ASIMOV there. They seem to be having a ball rockin’ out, don’t they? Now, I just wonder… what song is ASIMOV playing? 😉 Better watch out Tom, Imy might not let you have ASIMOV back! She’s already tried to steal a dragon once, I wouldn’t put it past her to claim the robot for herself – especially one that will drink with her and play music! (a mobile club, if you will…)

Thank you SO MUCH Tom! I’ve already told you how much I love it, but I’ll say it again. I LOVE IT!!! It’ll be posted on the “Fan Art” page at the end of the weekend.