Starting with this week all fan art will now be posted on Fridays. Consider it an extra treat at the end of the week! Of course, this will only be when I have fan art to display. As it stands right now I have a piece of fan art ready and waiting to go up on Friday. That’ll make it the 4th week in a row! It would be great if I would continue this weekly for as long as possible. 😉

Would you like to submit fan art? You are very welcome to! You can create a piece on any one (or many) of my characters. You can include your own characters (like Tom did), or just draw the character in whatever situation you want. Use your own style and have fun! But before you get started here are a few simple guidelines (I was naive enough to think I didn’t need these. I was proved wrong quite recently.):

  1. Mail all submissions to irma(AT)
  2. Anyone can submit – if you’re a fan, then it’s Fan Art. You don’t have to be another cartoonist.
  3. Your piece will be displayed on the page at a maximum of 600px. If you make it bigger than that I will shrink it down for the post but link to the original. But keep in mind that the first impression for anyone who sees will be at a maximum of 600px.
  4. Have fun and be creative as you want BUT use common sense when creating your fan art. Respect my characters. Please do not submit anything in poor taste, mean spirited or insulting to my creations.
  5. I reserve the right to NOT post any particular piece of fan art sent to me. This would usually be a result of anyone breaking guideline #4. I really don’t expect this to be a problem I have to deal with often, but, sadly, it needs to be said.
  6. All posted fan art will also be displayed on the Fan Art page
  7. There is no time limit for this. This is a continuing project.

I think that’s it. Nothing really strange there I don’t think, right? Have fun and I can’t wait to see what people submit!