FINALLY. After so long of saying I would do it, I finally did it. I finally put together a character page. Not that any of my regular readers actually need it, but it’s definitely useful for the new ones. But still, it helps as a reminder. For example, it would have been good to have it some weeks ago when I put Ben in a strip for the first time in AGES and some people couldn’t remember who he was.

There’s nothing in there that is new to regular readers. As we learn more about the characters I’ll revise the bios so that they are more appropriate. For example, there are a couple of revelations coming up in the current storyline, and once those come out I’ll add what is needed to the bios. Otherwise the bios will stay pretty basic.

With each character bio you’ll also find a link to their debuting strip, my favorite strip featuring that character, and a link to the character’s archive. You’ll also see that some of the characters have real names, and I pretty much only use their nicknames in the strip. No last names though… yet…

So go on to the Character page and read up! You’ll also always find the link in the side bar with the rest of the menu.