That’s right! That’s tomorrow! When you see tomorrow’s strip, you’ll see a banner underneath announcing the opening of pre-orders! Just click on that and you’ll be on your way to owning your very own Imy “ROCK” t-shirt.

The pre-orders will only be open for 1 week. From March 9th through March 15th. I don’t want to extend pre-orders beyond that since it will delay the t-shirts even more. I plan on having other pre-order periods in the future depending on demand.

The following information will also be found on the pre-order page.

Why Pre-orders?
This way everyone who wants a shirt will get one. The combination of shirt styles and sizes makes it impossible for me to guess an average of which ones I need to order. This way I will know exactly what I need, and you’ll be able to order the correct size for yourself based on the size chart.

How long will it take you to receive your t-shirt?

I don’t know an exact time, but I will estimate about a month. The reason for this is that after I take the pre-orders, I have to order the t-shirts. That should take about a week, if everything is in stock. Once I receive those, I have to take them to the printers to be printed. That will take another week. Finally, once I receive the completed t-shirts, I will be able to send them out. Expect that it will take another week max for the t-shirt to reach you. I will let each person know when their order has been shipped.

T-shirt information:

T-shirts are from Fruit of the Loom. 100% cotton and 165gram/m.

Size chart:

Unisex style Women’s style (fitted)
Width Height Width Height
XS 39 cm 57 cm
S 48.5 cm 69.5 cm 41.5 cm 58 cm
M 53.3 cm 72 cm 44 cm 59 cm
L 56 cm 74.5 cm 46.5 cm 60 cm
XL 61 cm 77 cm 49,5 cm 61 cm
XXL 66 cm 78,5 cm

Width = Armpit to armpit.
Height = Shoulder to the end of the t-shirt.

Pricing will vary depending on your location (due to shipping costs). Pricing is in USD for the most convenience. There will be 3 categories, and the prices will be as followed:

Within Sweden Within Europe, outside of Sweden Outside of Europe
$17 (USD) $20 (USD) $21 (USD)

From Ordering to Shipping
Like I said earlier, I can only estimate how long it will take for now. I will keep everyone updated through posts on this site where I am in the process. If anything goes wrong during the process I will inform you and, if necessary, offer a full refund.

If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at: irma(AT) and I will answer as soon as possible.