Yes! After weeks of ordering and waiting and printing and receiving I FINALLY got them! And you know what? They are AWESOME. Even better quality than the one I ordered from CafePress for myself. I am SO HAPPY I went with getting the printing done on my own locally. I told the guy he can expect my business again. I’m glad I went for ordering my own t-shirts for the printing, though. The ones I got were much better quality than the ones he had. I’m SO happy with the results! I cannot wait to ship them out!

I will be spending the weekend packing them, and I’ll ship them on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday here in Sweden). For those who ordered, I will let you know when I ship yours. Also, I will probably have a few left over. So I might eventually put those up for sale on the site. AND I will be doing pre-orders again in the coming months. So if you missed it this time, don’t worry! There will be another round of pre-orders coming up for the summer!