Fan art by David Krigbaum

This was supposed to go up yesterday (Friday). I completely missed the ball on that. I’m still going to blame it on the jet lag 😉

David Krigbaum sent me this fun fan art, of Imy getting into a bit of Hendrix air guitar, last week. I love getting unsolicited fanart! It’s like Christmas every time! And this one is pretty great. I can’t believe I’ve never had her playing air guitar. It would seem almost natural, wouldn’t it?

Dave does a comic by the name of Comfortably Numb. I’ve been taking a look through it and enjoying it. Most of all this strip. I am SO feeling panel 4! Haha!

Thank you SO VERY much Dave!!!!! I love it!

I would LOVE to have more fan art! Are you interested in making me a fan art and being featured on Friday Fan Art? Then just read the simple rules here, and get to work!