Fan art by Marcus Williams

Hahaha! Check out Imy’s ‘fro!!! This one makes me giggle a lot. I don’t know why I haven’t had Imy playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero yet. It’s the perfect thing for her. I’ve thought about it in passing, but never went through with it. This is so cute, and very clever. Thank you so much Marcus!

Despite Marcus’s clear drawing ability, he has no current comic for me to link to. Boooooo. I think he needs to have one. I’d like to see what you come up with Marcus! Anyway, he’s a self-proclaimed Halloween nut, and he has a Halloween blog (right here!) with some really cool ideas. I have a friend who is the Queen of Halloween stuff, so I know she’ll appreciate it! Actually, the temperature’s been cold enough for Halloween here, so it’s rather appropriate.

I would LOVE to have more fan art! Are you interested in making me a fan art and being featured on Friday Fan Art? Then just read the simple rules here, and get to work!