So, WebComic Planet is hosting the 2009 WebComics Readers Choice Awards. And from Oct 1st to Oct 31st they’re taking nominations for a whole slew of different categories. So, I’m going to be shameless, because I’ve never asked for nominations on anything before, and ask for nominations.

If you think “Imy” is worthy enough, and fit into any of the listed categories, then please feel free to nominate “Imy!” Also, you’ll notice that some comics are nominated more than once under a category. So if you see I’ve been nominated for a category already, you’re allowed to add another nomination to that. Just make sure that you clearly state why you are nominating my comic for that category. WCP checks each nomination for validity.

And while you’re add it, make sure you nominate Tall Tale Features for Community Site. Especially for the absolutely FANTASTIC Tall Tale Radio hosted by the amazing Tom Racine. You remember my interview with him, right? You don’t? Well listen to it here!

OKay, well… I’ll end this here… before the shame starts to sink in 🙂