For those of you who rely on the RSS feeds – I apologize. It’s been brought to my attention that the comics have disappeared from the feeds. I believe I know exactly why this has happened. First off, the ComicPress I just installed shows specially generated RSS images instead of the one on the site. They look great! But you can’t see them. The reason for this is that it doesn’t automatically generate thumbnails for all the old comics. And it SHOULD have generated a thumbnail for this latest one. But I didn’t realize that my permissions weren’t set right. so it didn’t. By the time I fixed it the RSS feed had already been generated with no image.

So, whaddaya gonna do about this, Irma?

Well, from now on any new comics should have an image in the RSS. As for the latest post – I’m wondering if this post will update the feed and finally show that one (and the others I managed to generate). I guess we’ll have to see! But, even if those don’t get fixed, the new ones will hopefully show up without a problem, and the feed will be back to normal.

Also, I’m testing out the size of the generated image. If it’s too small I have the option to make it bigger. So just be patient. It’ll probably take a few tries before I fix up the new RSS feed correctly 🙂

Update: – Looks like publishing this post now fixed the RSS feed and now shows those RSS images that I had generated. Woo! I’ll probably start generating them in a bigger size though, so just wait for the next update to see that.