I grossly overestimated how well we could handle this move and how quick we could have everything set up afterward. Ha! I also never took into account how sick I would become mid move. Typical. I’m better now but still getting over it. The apartment is starting to take shape, just starting, but we still have stuff EVERYWHERE. And the above picture shows my work area and computer. Until we can figure out where to put all that stuff, my computer isn’t getting set up. Things are moving a lot smoother now so the plan is that it’ll be done by the weekend.

So… I’m going to try this again…

I’m so sorry guys but I was far too confident about the move when I wrote what I wrote in the post above. So the new scheduled date for the next comic is this coming Monday, June 7th. I honestly can’t wait to get back into it. I miss it so much.

I hope you understand and I really appreciate your patience. Once I get my computer up comics will post as usual once again every Monday and Thursday. I just need you to hang on a little while longer.

And I’ll make it up to you. I have a little piece of original art that I think you’ll like that I’ll give away once things are running again. Would you like that? 🙂

Asa side note, the move went well, albeit hectically, and I LOVE my new apartment! Can’t wait until everything is set up right!