FINALLY! A contest! Anyone can participate! And the winner gets THIS piece of original art:


Now, see that guy up there? He’s shown up twice in the comic so far (here & here). He’s had speaking parts both times, but no name. Now that Imy’s working at Café Rawk, it’s time for him to come back, because he is the OWNER of the café. And this time he needs a name.

That’s where you come in.

Comment on this post with your choice of name. You have a limit of 3 posts/names. Depending on how many entries I’ll get, I may choose my top 5 and have you all vote for them. Otherwise, I’ll just choose my favorite and that will be the winner.

You have 1 week to submit! Submissions will close at midnight MY TIME (CET) on Thursday, June 24th.

Have fun!