So, THAT was not what I expected! I expected about 20 names, but got about 163, with few repeats! Thank you all SO MUCH for joining in on the fun. I got a lot of great suggestions, and, let me tell you, it was HARD to choose.

I wrote all the names into a spreadsheet first (thanks to Doug for that idea!), with the contestants’ names next to them, and then I hid the column with the contestants’ names and alphabetized the submissions, and went through each name. At this point I had no idea who suggested what, and just went by what felt right .I must have gone through the list 20 times, bolding names I liked and crossing out the ones I didn’t think fit. FInally, when I woke up this morning and took another look, one of the names just popped out at me as PERFECT. Once I finalized my decision I made the contestants column visible again to see who suggested it.

Anyway, you want to know the winner dontcha? Just imagine a Drumroll.. and here it is:


And the person who suggested this name is faithful reader Don! Congratulations Don! (Don suggested the first name only. I added the last name myself.)


Once I started to see the amount of entries I decided to create two more smaller prizes to give out as well. You can see all 3 prizes here:


The 2nd prize goes to the name I ALMOST chose. It was very close. But in the end, I just didn’t think it was right. I liked the idea of the last name (and enjoyed the linked YouTube videos as explanation!), but it wasn’t right. SO, The runner up prize of Imy and Mick goes to Kira for the suggestion “Taylor Rockford!”

The 3rd and finmal prize goes to Michael Kinyon for the addition of a great little backstory along with his name suggestions that I just LOVED. I won’t b using it, I have my own backstory from him, but I appreciated the added creativity ๐Ÿ™‚

“Backstory: He is Portuguese. He is a big fan of, strangely enough, Rockabilly. He heard that Sweden is one of the places where Rockabilly thrives, so he emigrated there a few years ago, hoping to make it in the music business. It didnโ€™t work out, and so he opened the Cafe Rawk.”

Thank you EVERYONE for participating! This was TONS of fun! Now that I know that people are into prizes, I will have more contests coming up and VERY SOON. So don’t dispair, you will have many more chances ๐Ÿ™‚

As a sidenote, it’s true that VIncent is the only character with a last name at the moment. But that will change VERY soon!