Due to all the extra hours I’ve been working the past few weeks, I’ve had a real hard time managing my time to finish the comic on time. I’ve been able to get it up twice a week, as promised, just not when I’d like to. It’s also been ripping away my sleeping hours from me, which has started to take its toll. And the more tired I get, the slower I draw… begin downward spiral.

Today’s comic is NOT skipped. I just can’t finish. So you’ll see it tomorrow, sometime Friday.

Thanks for your understanding. I’m hoping after my trip to the US I’ll be able to plan out my evenings better.

In the mean time, you should go check out the sweet fan art I did (in watercolor) for Barb Jacobs over at Xylia. So make sure you head on over to see that! (click)

AND go listen to my interview!!! It’s fun! I promise! (click)

Thanks again guys, and come back tomorrow for the comic! 🙂