While I really am doing really well with my arm, I can have minor setbacks here and there which have slowed me down in “Imy: Vol. 2.0” book progress. Since I need to be done with this book next week-ish, I have to take today off of “Imy” and use my limited arm-energy on the book only.

In the meantime, I have a question for you guys: Do you have a favorite “Imy” strip? There’s over 300 int eh archive so I’m sure there’s many you don’t remember. But I’d like to know what your favs are and why! 🙂

What to know my favorite? It’s difficult to say. I have many, and I don’t think I have a very specific favorite. But I can tell you two of my Top 5:

#156 – Fireball
#275 – Lunch

So what’s yours?