This should not come as a surprise since I already talked about this before I went to San Diego. But I’ll write about it once more in case people forgot 🙂

Tomorrow I jet off to NYC for NYCC! And then I’ll be in the US for another 2 weeks taking time to visit family, and I’ll return to Sweden at the very end of October. Like I’ve said before, because of the issues I’ve had with my hand, I have been taking it slow so I haven’t not been able to build a buffer to fill my vacation, so there will be no comics until I get back. But, you’ve seen that I can do my two updates a week again, as I’ve done since my return from San Diego, so there should be no change to that once I get back and start up again.

So the comic will return on October 31st! I wanted to take a week to build a small buffer so that I can be prepared for any hand issues in the futre, but I don’t want to miss a Halloween comic. So I will probably post on Halloween and then get back to my full schedule the week of the 7th of November.

I’m hoping to see some of you at NYCC! All my info on when and where to find me at NYCC is RIGHT HERE. So read that if you plan on stopping by. I’m so excited! And I’m excited to getting back to the full “Imy” schedule again when I get back!