OK, so… my good friend Tom Racine of Tall Tale Radio is a pretty great person. Besides being one of the most genuine, down-to-earth, and generous people you’ll ever meet, he does a lot for the cartoon community. He’s out there all the time helping cartoonists promote themselves and playing editor for a whole LOT of us (I can’t tell you how many “Imy’s” have gone through the Racine Ringer).

He also does an EXCELLENT podcast for cartoonist and comic/geek fans where he interviews all sort sof cartoonists, from teeny no-one’s like myself to the Big Kahunas like Stephan Pastis of “Pearls Before Swine.” He provides us with well done, professional, entertaining, funny and informative episodes practically weekly. And he does it FOR FREE. And he contributes in so many other ways as well.

152 episodes later and TTR is still going strong. But Tom’s 2006 laptop (do computers actually last that long?) is starting to protest in big ways. We want Tom to continue being an integral part of the cartoon community. So Tom’s set up an Indiegogo fundraiser to help him update his equipment before it’s too late. There are wonderful incentives if you donate, but you can also donate just for the hell of it. And you can donate however much you want.

But, seriously, just click and check out those incentives. Some really cool stuff from prominent cartoonists. As they sell out, Tom adds more. The latest addition are ORIGINAL sketches by Mark Tatulli of “Lio!”

So if you have some cash you want to throw at Tall Tale Radio, please go ahead and do so. 🙂 As a friend who wants to see TTR, and everything else Tom’s working on, to continue, I thank you. 😉