It’s been a WHILE but I’m finally on Tall Tale Radio again! Tom graciously offered up interview time on his excellent podcast as one of the incentives for my Indiegogo campaign. And it was snatched up QUICKLY by Carlos Gomez of the webcomic Robots ‘n’ Aliens. So Tom invited me on the show as well to first, talk about “Imy” and the brand new book, and then so we could both talk to Carlos. It was a GREAT show and a LOT of fun, and Carlos had some great stories! You really should go and listen!

Also, if you watched my Indiegogo video, I’m much more upbeat and have more personality when I’m talking on the fly, like in an interview, than when I’m scripted, like in that video. So don’t be scared. Go listen NOW! 😉 (also available on iTunes!)