Hi readers! I need a moment of your time today to talk about the future of “Imy” and what that will involve.

In short, I will be taking a little time to regroup, write, draw and plan. And the plan starts with bringing “Imy” back on July 19th.

The slightly longer version is this: my life has become, sadly, inconsistent, and as a result “Imy” has suffered. Spotty updates, lack of stories, lack of direction. I’ve actually spent time in tears trying to figure out how to get everything back on track. My day job, which was supposed to be the stable part of my life, sadly, is not. There is no routine and no consistency, and with my freelance also being inconsistent (which is to be expected), I have a really hard time being able to plan or keep up with anything. So I’ve decided the best thing for me to do is to take time, and use the time I do find to build “Imy” back up into what I really want it to be. With a nice buffer to so that when I come back the inconsistencies and spontaneity that plagues me right now doesn’t throw me off track again like it has for the past year.

So, like I said before, “Imy” will re-launch on July 19th. Not “re-launch” as in a do-over. It’ll continue from where I left off. I just mean in as in a steady stream of comics again. And soon after that I’ll be releasing the new “Imy” mini-compilation-books that will be themes on a couple of subjects. One will be “MinImy” for sure. I think we all love to see Imy as her mischievous smaller self. 🙂

Thanks for reading through this. Thanks for understanding. “Imy” means a great deal to me, more than I can express, and I want to do her justice.