Hey guys! So here’s what’s up…

As of next month, I will have been creating “Imy” for 10 YEARS. An entire decade of “Imy!” There have a been a few downs but it’s been mostly UP.
“Imy” has been a labor of love for me. Though I’ve had some indiegogos here and there to get some books made and such, the comic has ALWAYS been available online for FREE for anyone to enjoy.

This is not something I’m going to change, but I thought that maybe I’d put this out there for anyone wanting to support me. It’s a “tip jar,” and you can give whatever you want. Any support you want to give would be greatly appreciated! It all goes to helping me continue to create the stuff I love! Most recently, I had to buy a new laptop, as the one I’ve been using for 7 ½ years has become difficult to work with. It’s an expense I haven’t wanted to have, but it couldn’t wait any longer. The laptop is EVERYTHING behind my work. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to create anymore.

I’ll be posting this tip jar from time to time, and I’ll be adding a link to it on the sidebar here on the website too. My comics will continue to be free for all to enjoy, but if you are able to drop some love and support into my tip jar, that would send me over the moon! <3 Just click on the tip jar up top!

Thank you for loving “Imy” and my other comics and art!