A twenty-something, flame-haired, self-proclaimed rawk chick who is imaginative, easily amused, and does not respond well to children. You can usually find her annoying her live-in boyfriend, Jay, or hanging out with her level-headed best friend, Kat. Her goals in life: get a puppy, become a rockstar, never really grow up, and corrupt her favorite niece (much to the dismay of her humdrum sister.)

Imy’s Debut: #1 No Snow
My favorite strip featuring Imy: #66 – Spacey Job

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The dark-haired, level-headed girl with the heart-shaped face. Imy’s best friend. Inseparable since that fateful day in the sandbox when Imy made her desire for a friendship with Kat known with the use of her plastic sand shovel. Self employed independent book publisher and addicted to baking (though she hasn’t yet admitted it).

Kat’s Debut (voice): #13 – Best Friends Just Know
Kat’s Debut (visual): #14 – Chocolate Loyalty
My favorite strip featuring Kat: #105 – Happier on Her Own

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She’s the pink-haired barista at Imy’s favorite local cafe, and also Imy’s coworker and boss. She plays the drums during her free time and briefly put together a band with Imy for a one-time gig at Café Rawk.

Cherry’s Debut: #137 – Flattered
My favorite strip featuring Cherry: #223 – The Barista

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Imy’s live in boyfriend and lead guitarist in the 80’s Rock tribute band, Hurricane. Jay can usually be found blowing out his eardrums playing guitar, just for fun, when he’s not putting up with his girfriend’s antics (which mostly end up just amusing him). Goals in life: Be in a band that plays original music, and plan and implement the demise and destruction of his irritating sister-in-law, Mia.

Jay’s Debut: #3 – Welcome Xmas
My favorite strip featuring Jay: #57 – The Other Side Pt. 2

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Mick’s a goldfish in a coffeepot. He came about after Imy had a nervous breakdown and developed an unnatural attachment to said coffeepot.

Mick’s Debut: #151 – Cheered Up
My favorite strip featuring Mick: #194 – Snow Pot

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Imy’s cat who finagled her way into Imy’s heart and home just to have a snack named “Mick.” But things played out a little differently than she had originally planned.

Luna’s Debut: #537 – The Stray

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A college friend of Imy’s, but currently hangs out more with Imy’s boyfriend, Jay. Is the lead singer and founder of Hurricane, an 80’s Rock Tribute band, which he takes a bit too seriously.

Ben’s Debut: #52 – Et tu?
My favorite strip featuring Ben: #248 – Old Deal

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Vincent (full name Vincent Rocca), is the owner and Big Boss of Café Rawk. He allows Imy to work there, against his better judgement, by the request of Cherry.

Vincent’s Debut: #137 – Flattered
My favorite strip featuring Vincent: #250 – Live Music

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Just entering the teen years and is her Aunt Imy’s biggest fan. She recently learned how to rebel against her tightly wound mother who does not approve of Zoe’s choice to grow up to be just like her Aunt. Goals in life: Meet Jack White, always have good taste in music and never stop having fun!

Zoe’s Debut: #34 – The Protegé
My favorite strip featuring Zoe: #220 – Shopping Trip

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Imy’s older sister who has embraced being an adult so much she forgot it is OK to have fun sometimes. Her little sister’s childish behavior and aimless lifestyle is the bane of her existence, most of all because of its influence on her teenage daughter. Mia spends her time giving all of her attention to her son, the newest member of her family. Her goals in life: Convince her little sister and her boyfriend to get it together already, get married and start a family of their own.

Mia’s Debut: #31 – Little Green Man
My favorite strip featuring Mia: #99 – Fond Christmas Memories

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