It’s typical. Third freggin’ week in a row that I’ll be late with the Thursday comic.

Tonight we spent the ENTIRE evening getting out internet back up. Whodathunk it would have taken so long? Last week we thought our modem was shot so we called out broadband provider and they sent us a new one. Minutes after we hung up with them the modem started working again. So, when we got the new modem we decided to store it until we needed it. But ah, the broadband company had different plans. Today, even though the modem worked, we had no access. We believe they block access from the modem that was being replaced. (makes sense, otherwise people would be having “broken” modems all the time tog et extra ones.) Anywho, we put in the new modem and it didn’t play nice with our wireless router. It took the ENTIRE evening to figure out why. Extremely frustrating. So now everything is finally back to normal. Comic coming tomorrow!