Preview of Pinkerton Guest Strip by me

A little while back Mike Witmer of Pinkerton (one of my FAV FAV FAV comics) sent out an open call too all fans to send in a guest strip. He’d then choose his 5 favorite and then post them for a week while he was on vacation. He ended up extended it to a week and a half and two day ends that 1½ guest strip stint. And today’s strip is the one I sent in! I’m very honored that Wit chose mine among all the super-talented artists who sent in submissions. All the guest strips have been FANTASTIC and, despite the fact that I’ve missed the real Pinkerton characters, they’ve been a lot of fun to read. You can read my entire guest strip here (the above is just a preview). And follow these links of artists’ names to the each of the other guest strips respectively.

David Buist
Marc lapierre
David Reddick
Lucas Turnbloom
Scott Gallatin
Brian Anderson
Mark Haldane
(one more guest strip tomorrow)

And if you haven’t heard of Pinkerton yet (say wha?!), then I strongly suggest you go back to the beginning and read the archive. And then go buy the book! (I did!!!)