Tall Tale Radio

So, like I mentioned in Thursday’s post, I had an interview with Tom Racine for Tall Tale Radio. Despite the fact that I was SO NERVOUS before the show, I really had a blast doing it and I can’t wait until I can do it again! Tom is awesome and definitely knows how to get people to talk (and has a voice that can make you easily fall into a hypnotic state). He asked a lot about me and my comic. There is a lot in there about my background, which I think is a good base to see where my ideas come from. I’ve listened to it now and I don’t feel like I’ve embarrassed myself much at all! Which is a good sign, I think 😉 EXCITING!!!

Anyway, I really hope you all take a little time out to listen. You get to put a voice to the name, and probably laugh at stupid things I say (and the fact that I laugh often). Like I said, I thought it was a bunch of fun, and I hope you guys do too.

Want to listen? You can stream it or download it (put it on your mp3 player! Listen on your way to work or what-have-you!) right here: Tall Tale Radio – Episode 11. And then let Tom and me know what you thought!