I was already in a good mood when I woke up this morning – last night I got notice that my book was approved and ready to start printing, and I got good news on the status of the t-shirts. It was going to be a good day, and I knew it.

What I didn’t know was that it was going to be probably the COOLEST DAY EVER. We have Metro here in Stockholm, but I didn’t pick one up this morning. My boss did and she showed me an ad for a book signing today in the city by my FAVORITE Swedish cartoonist, Tony Cronstam of ‘Elvis,’ the comic (Swedish only, unfortunately for you guys!). I about fell off my seat. I couldn’t believe it! He was going to be here! I’d missed signings before, but I was absolutely not going to miss this one! I finished work at 12 and walked as fast as I could to the little mall where he was having his signing.

I was luck.y When I got there there was one woman in front of me. So I decided to introduce myself to him right away. I told him my name and how HUGE a fan I was. I told him that I started to read Elvis ever since I started learning Swedish, which is almost 6 years now. I told him that I was from the US, and I loved all the strips he did about living in NYC. He was SO NICE. A very genuine person, and he actually wanted to TALK to me! SO much that he had me wait by the side while he signed other people’s books. “I’m not done with you yet!” he said. He told me a little about being in NY and a little bit about he was almost published in the US. Then we talked about how Elvis is a little too edgy for the US, but that’s one of the things I love about it! So then I got a picture with him…

Me & Tony

…and then I decided to tell him that he was an inspiration to me to start my own comic. He thought that was very cool and asked if I had it with me (if only I had my books printed already!!!!), but I did give him one of my bookmark/cards (the one with Imy and Jay and Ben in their hair-metal outfits) and told him he could check out the website. He kept flipping it over and looking at it and thought it was so cool. And then he said “I love your style!” He kept saying how cool the card was. At one point I was trying to bring up my comic on my iPhone to show him, but I guess I got distracted by stuff and I forgot! Besides, he had tons of other fans waiting to get their book signed. But anyway, he kept me there a little while longer. He asked me if I used a wacom (which I do) and he told me that he’s just started using one himself, and was really enjoying learning to use it. And then he signed my book…

Tony signing my book

And he put extra special care into signing my book so that he could write me a little message also…

Tony signing my book

Oh yeah, and he actually said that he got nervous drawing for another artist! He meant me! That was far too cool!

And then it was really time for me to get out of the way and let other people have a chance to talk to him, so he gave me a big hug and said he was going to come check out my site. I really hope he does!

He was so genuinely nice and enthusiastic, and even though I was shaking from excitement, he made me feel really comfortable talking to him. He was just so cool, and this really made my day, week, month… year! it will be hard for any experience in the rest of 2009 to beat this!

So if you’re here Tony, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope you like what you see. It was such an honor to meet you!! And I can’t wait to start reading this new Elvis book!