For information on the Stockholm SPX happening next weekend, read more here: In EnglishPĆ„ Svenska. I’ll write more info next week once I register and get my table assignment.

So there you have it! A little preview of the merchandise you’ll find at my table (and possibly on the site int eh future *wink wink*) at the Expo! I’m so excited! Just a short while ago all this stuff was just in my head. Now it’s all suddenly in tangible form! I can’t believe it! That is my tablecloth as well. Well, it’s slightly more purple and less red in real life. I wanted to choose a color that went well with the cover of my my comic book. It matches the rug she’s laying on. Haha! (which you can see at the top of this page.) I didn’t want ot have just black. I wanted it to stand out, but not be too bright. I’m really happy with it. And it’s such a nice smooth slightly stretchy material… I can’t stop touching it! I picked it out at the fabric shop today. I can’t stand rough materials, and it would drive me crazy to have a rough material on my table all day.


You can see my book, buttons, t-shirt, and bookmarks. There are two things on there that I’m not selling, but giving away. Those are my flyers there at the bottom, and then the the bottom right are the TTF postcards. I gotta look out for my TTF brothahs and sista! And I will only have a handful of t-shirts with me. The few extras I ordered on top of the pre-orders. But anything counts, right?

I’ll also have some small banners hanging over the side of the table, but I haven’t made those yet. And, of course, price tags. I have to make those as well. But otherwise, if someone said I had to go do the expo RIGHT NOW I’m completely prepared! And it feels SOOO GOOD! Wooo!