As you probably read in the post under my latest comic, Tall Tale Features will be re-launched on February 1st, with a brand new site and great new content!

What I didn’t explain is that I’m the one behind the revamp. That has been part of what has been taking my time recently. That, and the fact that I’m working on my first real volume as well. I have a LOT on my plate right now.

The plan was I was going to get today’s strip up, and then sacrifice Monday’s strip for the launch.

But I just can’t. I don’t have the power. I guess I just didn’t plan out my time well enough. I thought I did, but then I kept thinking of new things I had to do that I forgot about and right now, well, my cup overfloweth.

So, no strip today. None Monday either. All my focus right now is going into this AMAZING re-launch. I’m so excited about it, and so is everyone else in the crew. We have so much that we’re going to have going on over there. It’s going to be a lot of fun. But in order to get there, I need to put everything else to the side for just a few days.

So the comic will be back on Thursday the 4th (one week from today). I hope you guys can understand. 🙂