YEAH BABY. It’s here! Well, not here. It’s somewhere in a family member’s house in NJ. But it EXISTS! A box FULL of Imy Vol 1.0! WOO!!! Even if the other things I ordered don’t arrive for NYCC, I’m SET. I can’t believe it. For a while I was afraid I wouldn’t finish the book, honestly. But it worked out! I can’t wait to have a copy in my hands, and to get to NYCC and start selling. WOO!

If, by some crazy miracle, I end up selling out at NYCC (I know you all needed a laugh, so there is is), then I will be placing a new order while in the US so I’ll receive a new shipment as soon as I get back to Sweden. So, no matter what, I’ll be selling them here on the site in November.