While exhibiting at SPX a few weeks ago, Marcus Lindmark stopped by my table and interviewed me for part of an SPX article he was going to be writing for the Seriefrämjandet website (A Swedish comic association). The article has now posted! It’s in Swedish, but you can go there and take a look at the pictures and maybe run it through a translator to read it.



OK, if you want a translation on my part, here it is:

“Irma Eriksson is an artist originally from New Jersey, but has lived in Sweden for many years. Since November 2007 she draws the series ‘IMY’, about a girl who likes rock music, which she publishes on her website www.imycomic.com. An odd character in the series is Mick the fish who swims around in a coffee pot. “He is inspired by the rock singer Mick Jagger,” says Eriksson, “because he has big lips.”