So, I’m not sure exactly what I did. But I think it’s a combination of the extensive work I’ve been doing on the computer plus bad judgement in weight lifting (all I want to do is tone up my arms and build a little strength, but when you start with almost negative in arm strength, you really need to start with the absolute lowest weights possible. I know that now.)

Anyway, I’ve killed my right shoulder and arm. For the past two days I’ve been home, and I have another day to go (holiday weekend), and I have not been able to do one iota of work. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the couch with a heated wheat pillow draped over my shoulder, arm and back. It’s annoying because I have several projects I’m working on (including “Imy”) and I’m dying to get at them. Sadly, I’ve made the decision that I need to submit to healing this week. Hopefully (please please please please PLEASE) I’ll be back in commission by next weekend.

So, for this week, no comic. I want to… I really really WANT to. But my body is saying NO. And it’s the boss of me. :-/