Let me preface this by saying, before anyone gets scared, this is NOT a post about ending “Imy” or anything like that. In fact, it’s the opposite. Despite the problems I’ve had with my arm this summer that have affected my timing on everything, “Imy” is as important to me as ever. And it’s about me finally getting back on track. Now, read on:

I’m struggling right now. This has been a difficult summer for me. With my arm strain, mainly. I’ve been healing and doing well with some setbacks here and there. It’s partial blessing in disguise, partial learning experience.

It’s hard to imagine drawing being a physically challenging job, but it is. Sitting and using your drawing hand so much can really wear at you physically. I was already worn physically before my injury, which is why I think this is such a slow process.

As you all know, I’ve had to pull back on “Imy” first of all for healing purposes, and second of all to catch up with things I NEED to get done (like my book). And I’ve been saying that once I get my book done I will go back to my 2-a-week schedule. And that’s still my plan.

But I’m struggling with a balance.

I realize now that my body cannot handle drawing ALL the time. I need to take days off, and I can’t draw for long periods of time at one go. It’s depressing as hell. I have so many cartoonist friends on Twitter and Facebook who are banging out sketches and comics and other illustrations without pause, constantly. I can’t keep up. I don’t feel up-to-snuff.

My lack of production has nothing to do with motivation or inspiration. I am more motivated than ever. I have SO MUCH I want to do. But I can’t physically do it at the pace I want. And it’s killing me inside.

I’m going to continue with my current plan. There are some kinks. I have two trips coming up this fall. One is to California for two weeks. And that one starts THIS WEEKEND. The other is to NYCC where I will, again, be in the US for at least 2 weeks. Since I can’t overwork myself I have not been able to create strips to run at least during this first vacation.

When I come back from vacation (end of September) I ABSOLUTELY WILL be back on my two-Imy a week schedule until my NY trip. Once again, I’m not sure how hard I wil be able to work myself, so I can’t promise any strips to run while I’m in NY. But, when I get back from NY, I WILL, once again, be back to my schedule. I can say this for sure because I’m finishing my “Imy Volume 2” book now and this was the LAST project keeping me from my schedule.

Now, about the balance. I have other side illustrating projects that I want to really start to dive into this winter. This is where the balance comes in. Because of my physical limitations I will have to figure out how to balance this with “Imy,” which is the most important thing to me. I have confidence int hat I can figure it out, as long as I’m smart about it, and put my health first. I just need your understanding if I slip here and there with “Imy” while I try to figure it out. And you’ve all been so good to me this summer while I was healing up, so I don’t doubt that you’ll do good again.

So, please continue to stick with me while the next couple of months are choppy. I promis eyou there much much MUCH more Imy, Zoe, Kat, Jay, Cherry, Ben, and everyone’s favorite, Mick to come in the near future. I have so many plans. I just need to learn to listen to my body at the same time, and find that balance. 🙂