Well, thanks to reader TONI for reminding me, or I would have remembered months from now and would have felt terrible for it. But “Imy” (the strip) turned 4 years old on November 25th! Have I really been doing this for 4 years? Granted, this last year has been spotty due to my injury on my drawing arm. Which is getting much better, but is still something I have to watch out for.

It’s been wonderful to get back into everything full swing. It’s a shame though that I never got my buffer in good enough to be able to use now when I am feverishly ill. Yes, I got the flu from hell. In fact, I don’t think this is the flu. I think this is how the transformation to zombie begins.

Anyway, writing all of this has taken every bit of energy I have. Everyone around me who has had this flu has been nearly bedridden for 2 FLIPPIN’ WEEKS. It’s true that I feel like death right now, but I’m hoping it doesn’t take that long for me to recover.

I can officially not look at a computer screen anymore. And these chills must mean the next stage of the zombification process has begin. So I’ll go lay down now.