First, I need you to do one thing. I’ve noticed that the cache may do something a little funky to the site the first time you visit after I’ve redesigned. So if you are seeing big, blue post titles, or any other blue text, just hit refresh. That should fix it.

It should look something like this...

Well, it may not look THAT much different, but I really did rebuild the site from bottom to top. I’ve always loved the colors and design I created for this site, so that is why the new design is very similar to the old one. The biggest change is all backstage – all the coding underneath is up-to-date, finally, after being several years old. Another important change for me is that I reorganized the site quite a bit, which has been ia necessity for quite some time.

So do me a favor and have a look around. Look at that newly-organized menu bar up top. I think you’ll find that everything is easier to navigate now, and you may see some things you never realized were there before. 🙂