I’ve been on vacation for the past 2 weeks as well. But I didn’t travel around Europe like Kat & Imy. I *live* in Europe, so instead I went to San Diego, one of my favorite places! And, as you all saw, I managed to keep the comic updated! Before I went away I worked to get those comics ready so I didn’t have to take time off for the trip, and I’m so happy I did! But, I fell one short. And that’s today’s strip. I arrived back in Sweden early this morning after travelling for about 22 hours straight. I’m completely beat and a zombie today. So today will be the first day in 2012 that I am skipping an update. But Imy will be back on Friday!

Now, onto the fun stuff!

In place of a comic, I have a podcast for you! I was in San Diego, the home of the great Golden Voice of Tall Tale Radio, and I got in on a round table podcast about starting new comics! Since I just recently started my new comic, Cosmical, Tom thought that I’d fit well in this discussion. It was a blast! We talked with Joel Duggan of Starcrossed and John Sanford of Chippy & Loopus and K&J about the process of starting a new comic and how social media affects that process. So go check that out today in lieu of a new “Imy!” Get it right HERE, or get it through iTunes HERE!