I had a FANTASTIC weekend at SIS this year. It was by far my most successful festival to date and it was SO much fun (albeit exhausting).

I took almost no pictures at all. I was just so busy and not really thinking about it. I got one of my setup which you see up there. A bit washed out from the light. This time I decided to have all my prints laid out on the table instead of in a book, because people, especially in Stockholm, are less likely to hang out and flip through a book. They need something to catch their eye right away.

I had a very nice view behind me of Sergerlstorg and the fountain (with no water in it!) but I wasn’t really there to look out the window, obviously.

I had lots of return readers to catch up on their book collection which is always a lot of fun. And several new ones who just likes the style and humor and decided to grab a book to take home. I also met a lot of people I only ever have contact with on twitter which is always such a blast, and a lot of artists who I met at previous years but don’t get to see until this festival every year.

Thanks for the picture, Pierre!

On Saturday I got a few requests for cartoon portrait sketchcards which pretty much kept me drawing ALL day. These are always a bit nervewracking but I think everyone was pleased with their respective cards.

click for bigger

A bunch of my SIS exclusive Swedish books were also snatched up and some other sketchcards and prints.

By Sunday I was already beat so I was thrilled when my friend came by with some of the best ice cream in town for the extra energy!

I came home with a much lighter stock than I expected! But everything, including the leftover Swedish booklets, will be up for sale on my Etsy store as soon as I’m able to get it up there. Stay turned for that.

Thanks to everyone who came by! Friends, readers, fellow artists. ALL OF YOU! You made it the best festival I’ve had!