So, it finally happened. My beautiful, wonderful, 5-year-old MacBook totally crashed on me. I was hoping I’d make it to a new MacBook before anything happened. I was hoping for at least another year out of it. It’s completely upsetting. I have my files backed up, except for the last 2 “Imy” strips. I might lose those but it won’t kill me to redraw them.

But I’m currently in a state of figuring out if I can fix this. And I’m on vacation too. So I currently have no way to work on “Imy” or even anything I have to do with clients.

I’m totally freaking out and wish this was an easy fix. But it doesn’t seem to be so far. I’m attempting to run repairs before I do a full reformat. But the repairs could take days.

So that’s what’s happening. You’re updated. I’m freaking out. The Earth is still spinning.