Hello loyal “Imy” readers! It’s time you guys had an update of what the heck is going on.

Obviously, “Imy” didn’t make it back when I had originally intended. As you may remember, I put “Imy” on hold over the beginning of the summer so I could build it up and relaunch it. Stuff got in the way of my rebuild, but I launched anyway. But that was a mistake, because I ended up having to back off again, for much longer this time.

So I’m building again. And, for my sanity, I am not yet ready to give a new launch date. Not until i know I am good and ready and have enough material to keep me going even when things are wonky.

I’m still trying to find balance in a life that has absolutely no routine or schedule stability because of my current day job. So this is why I’m doing it like this.

I also have to fix the website (as you can see!!!) before I can launch again since it got messed up when the server updates happened.

So this is the current situation. As I work with “Imy” behind the scenes, I’ll soon have a better idea of an exact date, and I’ll keep you posted.

Look for big things from both Imy AND Cosmical this year!

“Imy” misses you guys a lot. And so do I. <3