Hello dear readers! ‹3

I just opened up my macbook for the first time in nearly a year, which is also around the same time I wrote the last post on here. I’m very sorry about not updating here. Over the past year, I have posted a couple of times on social media to update everyone on what’s going on, but I never posted here for some reason. So here’s what’s happening…

What I wrote in my post last November was that “life got in the way” and I needed a break. The truth is that I had a complete mental collapse. I broke down spectacularly, really. I won’t go into details. And on that outside people may not have noticed how bad it was, with me going on trips and just still doing “life” things. But it was pure survival. I don’t want to get into it, or how bad my brain got. But I will say that I am in a much better place now, and I’ve spent the past year trying to pull myself out of that hole.

It is honestly probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. Battling your own Brain is the hardest Boss you’ll ever have to fight, I think.

I think about “Imy” a lot (A LOT) and had to really allow myself to let it go for a while for a my health. The guilt (to myself) of not making comics has crept in now and then, and I’ve had to bat it away like a fly for self-preservation. I’ve had to learn a lot about what I can reasonably do with my energy. The creativity in my brain has been on full force for at least half a year, but the energy to actually DO wanes as quickly as it comes. I’ve started to find some other outlets for creativity, like trying out gouache painting for the first time, and some other stuff. But it’s a very slow process.

I have been writing notes for “Imy” ideas every time I think of something, in anticipation for the return of the comic. I still don’t have a return date. As much as I want to make comics again, it’s taking a lot to build myself back up to it. Those who have dealt with anxiety and depression might understand better what I am poorly trying to say with words.

I miss “Imy,” (and my mom asks me almost weekly when Cosmo will return!), and she WILL return. I just can’t say when yet. But once I have a better idea I will post here again, and on all the imy socials (“imycomic” on FB, Instagram & Twitter (X) ).

Hope you’re all doing ok out there. Imy and Cosmo are eagerly awaiting to return as well. ‹3