A few things…

May is Guest Strip Monday Month! Starting Monday I will be posting the really fantastic guest strips I received by some great cartoonists (one of them inspired today’s strip! I really need to get Imy and others to show up in Cafe Rawk more often). Just wait until you see them. They’re awesome! Thursdays you’ll find the regular strip, but every Monday for the Month of May will be a guest strip. You’re gonna love them. I do!

A lot of people have been asking about if there are any books left. Yes, there are books and pins and bookmarks left. Even some t-shirts. I will be making an announcement over the weekend about that. So check back for that.

Speaking of t-shirts, come back tomorrow to see Imy fans wearing “Rock” t-shirts! I’ve got some great pictures I’ll be posting. “ROCK” t-shirts are gonna take over the world I tell ya!

Lastly, if anyone missed it, I finally posted about SPX, and with pics!

I think that’s it. May is a pretty crazy month for me, and this week is even more crazy with things I have to do. So, as usual, I’m sorry if I don’t have time to answer the comments. I do read them all and appreciate them SO MUCH. Normality will return in June.