Well, my week “off” from the strip was worth it becasue the website came out AWESOME. I announced it loudly on both twitter and facebook, but if you’re not on either of those pages then you can go take a look at the SMASHING new Tall Tale Features site RIGHT HERE. We have new content, including reviews, and, as always, a new Tall Tale Radio episode every week. As someone said on twitter, the site has noe become a DESTINATION. It’s pretty cool, and I’m very proud of it.

SOmething else that’s very cool is that Brock Heasley, a TTF brother and creator of SuperFogeys, has a new comic in the Zuda competition! The comic is called Monsterplex and it’s BRILLIANT! You should check it out and go vote for those guys becasue they did an AMAZING job. You can find that right HERE.