So the con went really well! It was the opposite of last year. This year I sold most stuff on Sunday instead of Saturday, and had a better time on Sunday too. But it was all still fun, if not draining. I’ve been on go and lack of sleep ever since we got stranded in the Canaries. Of course, laying by the pool wasn’t exhausting, but everything else was. But it’s OK becasue we made it back safe and I don’t mind SPX induced exhaustion!

Let me say a quick HELLO to the new readers! Thank you guys who stopped by my table and bought stuff. And WELCOME to those of you stopping by the site for the first time. Take a look around into the archives and check out the comic. And I hope you’ll continue to return and read! And feel free to say hi in the comments 🙂

As for the web store, I will be re-opening it within the next couple of weeks. The new and old stuff will be there. I’ll have the new bookmarks there too (which I didn’t receive in time for the SPX due to the volcano). Also, and I think you guys will like this, I’m going to be doing t-shirts again. Now PLEASE go and read THIS POST about the t-shirts. Very important!