I hope you al had a GREAT weekend! For those of you who celebrated Halloween – Luck you! I carved my pumpkin, but that was about it. I sat here hoping a trick-or-treater would stop by, but, of course not 🙂 Maybe next year I’ll decide to spend Halloween in the US and go all out!

It’s crazy how a whole weekend can go by without the time to do everything you need to do. I had other projects to work on and, as usual, I never have as much time as I need. Even withe the extra hour we got here in Europe! But now I’m FINALLY done with all extra projects and, for the first time in half a year, my creative schedule is CLEAR!!!! so I can focus on 2 things tomorrow.

1) Get to the post office to calculate shipping costs for the book so that I can get that up for selling by tomorrow night so you can start buying Christmas (or whatever) gifts!!! 🙂


Geez, by the time I get that post up it’ll be NYCC ’11 already 😉