First let me say a couple of things. Within the next few days I few important posts will come up. The first will be with pre-orders for BOTH Volumes 1 & 2 which I will be selling at NYCC. But I will be putting up some pre-orders here FIRST so that you can be guaranteed one AFTER NYCC. The second post will be a full info post about NYCC for those who are coming. So stay tuned!

Re: Today’s comic…

When I worked as a barista, I always amused myself with the crazy drinks people ordered. Cherry’s order here is very simple compared to some of my regulars. I never had a problem making the crazy drinks. They didn’t take any more effort than the ones on the menu. But I always found it amusing how… em.. attached people were their super special drink combinations. People even had their favorite baristas who they would ask for specifically to make their drinks, or they wouldn’t buy them.

This was 9 years ago now. I wish I would have kept a journal of my experiences as a barista. I know there’s a lot of funny stuff I can’t remember.