HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I just got back from the US two days ago and the jetlag is brutal! But I’ve managed to have some Halloween fun. Even dressing up a little for work today (although, I’m in Sweden so it was a big “WTF?” from everyone around me!)


Like I wrote in the post before I left for NY, I would come back and do the Halloween comic, and then take one more week to FINALLY build a buffer so that I don’t have to keep taking time off when things happen. So, we will finally be back in full swing on November 10th!

NYCC was GREAT!! I met many of YOU guys and made some new readers! I will be writing a post with pictures about it later this week so stay tuned for that.

Hope you’re all having a great Halloween! Full swing without any further interruptions from vacations and other things (positive vibes about my arm, please) starting on November 10th!