Inspired by the recent barrage of solar storms that have been hitting this planet. I could say “we’re entering a solar maximum” now, but that probably doesn’t mean much to many people because you’re probably not as big as a geek as I am about these things. 🙂 Let’s just say that solar activity is UP (it goes through cycles). Last time it was up like this was when I moved here about 9 years ago. I saw some amazing displays of auroras then. But nothing in the past 9 years, until this past year. Since then I’ve seen it several times from flights back to Sweden. And I’m trying to see it fromt eh ground again, but it’s so freggin’ cloudy!

I remember back around 2004 (I THINK), such a huge storm hit the planet and auroras reached so far south that people could see them from every state in the continental US. So it’s possible. And we’re entering a time period where it’s possible again!