First off, Welcome all Bub fans and “Imy” fans alike! I’m going to explain who Bub is in a moment, but first I have to announce that in honor of Bub and all her fans stopping by, I am having a SALE on my Personal Cartoons! I do personal cartoons of you, your friends, family or your pets! (like the cartoon I did of Lil Bub!)

The sale is 50 SEK (around $7 USD) off the original price of every cartoon option I offer. And the sale lasts from now through July 31st!

So hurry and get your order in now! Click HERE to go to the Personal Cartoon page!

OK, so who is Bub?

We all know that cats rule the internet, right? Whether you like it or not, it’s true. A few weeks ago I came across the most unique cat I’ve ever seen online. Her name is Bub, and the comic describes some of her unique physical features. She’s got what looks like little thumbs on all her paws, no teeth and a tounge that hangs out, she’s small with short legs and an elongated body and, according to her owner (her “Dude”), she waddles when she walks.

She is ridiculously sweet and inspiring. Last week I made a cartoon for her as a gift to her and her Dude and was almost instantly inspired to cameo her in “Imy.” I knew Imy would LOVE her. 😉

So go check out more of Lil Bub at her website (HERE) or her Facebook page (HERE), or go watch her in live action on Youtube (HERE). I promise it will be worth your while. 🙂

Thank you so much to Bub and her Dude for letting me feature her adorable face in my comic!