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I have a confession to make… when I set this up to post last night, just as I was about to brush my teeth and go to bed, I realized I had forgotten to draw something EXTREMELY important. That’s right… I forgot the eye-patch. WHOOPS! I wonder who would have noticed? I didn’t, my husband didn’t, and my friend who previewed the strip didn’t. Thank goodness I saw it before publish time… Now that would have been embarrassing…

Oh yeah… I can testify that it is possible to end up backstage among the celebs by accident and without anyone stopping you… my mom did it when she was searching for me after a concert when I was 14 years old. She ran right into Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith in the dressing rooms. But she didn’t care, because she was just searching for me LOL

Oh yeah, and I apologize for not responding to the comments on Thursday’s comic. I’ll get to that right now!

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